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Our expertise across multiple modes of transportation as well as our volume-discounted contracts makes Canfleet Logistics your ideal partner for serving your supply chain needs around the globe and around the clock.


Lumber export is an ever increasingly competitive market.  In the drive to maintain a competitive edge and increase margins, successful exporters need effective logistic partners who can maintain efficient cargo flow as well as streamline export procedures.  Canfleet Logistics has the volume, resources, proven experience and knowledge to ensure that your lumber can be packaged and exported in a timely manner, complying with overseas regulatory requirements and at industry leading ocean export rates; make these advantages work for you.

Scrap Industry

In the scrap industry, profitability means being able to react quickly to the market. Sudden fluctuations in different commodity prices will dictate the type and volume of commodity you need to move. Additionally, shippers working directly with carriers may not have the clout to obtain space on demand or the volume required for advantageous rates at healthy margins.

The scrap commodity department at Canfleet Logistics is structured to be flexible and can adapt quickly to exporters’ requirements. Our relationships with carriers, developed over years of service, have established a solid foundation for rates as well as guaranteed space.



Transporting perishable cargo requires specialized containers called Refrigerated Container, also known as Reefers. These Reefer equipments control all the key vital environmental variables critical to freshness and shelf life: Temperature, Humidity, Ventilation and Atmospheric Composition. We are extremely meticulous to your instructions during the booking process and are attentive to the very particular needs of your cargo throughout the cold chain. We have extensive expertise in dealing with the varied and complex shipping requirements of frozen or chilled pork, frozen poultry, frozen fish, geoducks, lobster, oyster, crabs, fruits (such as: apple, blueberries, juice concentrate), french fries and ice cream.

Unlike dry containers, the inherent risks in shipping fragile and perishable cargo in strictly controlled environments are a lot higher; and as such, Shippers need to work with an experienced logistic partner such as Canfleet Logistics to ensure that cargo arrive on time in an unbroken cold chain.

Automobile Export

Canfleet Logistics has the experience and expertise to ensure your vehicles arrive at destination safe and sound.  From loading your vehicles into containers, preparing your vehicles for ocean transport, to reviewing requirements for vehicle exports, we will coordinate these procedures with you every step of the way.



Canfleet is a leading Canadian forwarder in Agricultural exports. Not only can Canfleet optimize your ocean freight options, but we can also seek out the most profitable solution for your local drayage. Canfleet has traditionally serviced the North America to Asia tradelanes; however, the recent emergence of Middle East interests presents excellent business opportunities for farmers and brokers of agricultural commodities.